A tax protester is someone who refuses to pay taxes on the grounds that they are unconstitutional. We used to receive anonymous tax protester videos and information on a fairly regular basis. Here’s his story dealing with taxes, the IRS and the law.

A Tax Protester’s Story:

This man had taken strong tax protester positions on his tax returns.  He did this over the course of a few years thinking that the tax system was either voluntary or illegal.

One otherwise sunny day he was at his place of employment taking a break and sitting in the restroom.  His fellow workers used to joke with him a lot about his tax protester beliefs, so he thought it was a prank when he heard a knock claiming to be a “Federal agent.” He answered roughly to the “pranksters’ and calmly finished his project.

All that changed when he walked out of the men’s room! tax problems cartoon

In his own words he described it to me as all the sudden he was ‘lit up like a Christmas tree’.  The reference was to all the red laser dots lighting up his body. The Federal Agents that were hiding behind desks and file cabinets were pointing guns with laser sights right at him.

They had taken his “rough talk” quite seriously and he was arrested. These were IRS agents.  These are the circumstances in which I met him, and he confessed to me that he and his business partner were the ones sending tax protest materials.

Believe it or not, this case had a happy ending

We worked closely with a criminal attorney. We represented him before the IRS on the civil side while the criminal attorney dealt with the criminal aspects of non-filing.  We voluntarily prepared corrected tax returns that did not show those tax protester positions. Due to his cooperation in the case, the IRS dropped the criminal charges and was content with having him back in the system as a regular tax payer.

His business partner wasn’t so lucky.  He continued to hold on to the arguments that the tax system wasn’t for him.  Last I heard he was still in jail. It’s been awhile, so I don’t know if he’s still there.  I admire people whose beliefs are so strong that they are willing to go to jail for it! I just can’t help them!

The very best part of this is that our client (who became a friend) was ultimately allowed to file for an Offer in Compromise due to the fact that it would have been impossible for him to ever pay off the debt he had after not filing for years.  He ended up with a settlement that once and for all put this whole thing behind him.  He actually did a commercial for us explaining all the insanity of the situation.  Great guy, he just made a mistake.  Fortunately we were able to correct it!

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