At the close of each engagement, we ask every client to return a survey.  These forms afford us a better understanding of the effectiveness of our business.  We do like to keep everyone happy and coming back.  Occasionally a client is so pleased that they write a letter as well.  The following is an excerpt from such a letter:

“Advanced Tax Solutions accomplished what they claimed they would do in the most professional, courteous, and informative manner.  The IRS did not understand or want to accept my seasonal income estimates.  They projected income much higher than what it really is.  Frank worked through the problem resulting in a reduced payoff settlement that I could afford.  ATS successfully negotiated an Offer In Compromise for a tax assessment from six years ago I would never have been able to pay.  The result is relief of a tremendous tax burden and the emotional anxiety along with it.  My life is now changed with relief of such a financial burden.

Recently I had a new daughter born and our whole family expresses our gratitude to you.  The future of my daughter is so much brighter because of the financial relief provided from your work.”

M. S.

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