There are a few things that are of particular interest when you need Payroll Tax help:

  1. Personal responsibility for a debt of an otherwise protected entity.
  2. The IRS’s harsh position on how to proceed with the collection of the payroll tax debt.
  3. An effective strategy when dealing with the IRS regarding a payroll tax situation is critical.

If you have payroll tax problems (which may be in addition to your individual IRS Problems) then please contact us right away. There is critical information you need to know about Trust Fund Taxes (Trust Fund Taxes are the amounts withheld from your employees, and are treated much differently than the taxes that are matched or the related IRS penalties and interest) and how to deal with the IRS when they contact you or your business. Even though the liability may be for a corporation, you may be liable for a portion of the taxes personally. You must understand these critical ramifications before you pay the IRS or discuss your role in the company with the IRS. The IRS has a complete interview process related to the issue of a “responsible party”. You need to understand these issues before you talk with any IRS agent! IRS Collection Read more about the business tax help Colorado small business have received from Advanced Tax Solutions in our testimonials section. To get payroll tax problem help now E-mail or call Advanced Tax Solutions today and talk to one of our tax experts.