The IRS is has identified and announced a new IRS scam where a person acts like they are an IRS agent.  Beware.  The scammer poses as an IRS employee and states that you owe money for some reason (audit, underpayment, etc.).   They start off nice and explain that they need the money wired right away.

What this Scam Looks Like

If any IRS agent calls and asks you to wire transfer or western union money to them, this is your first clue that it is a bogus call, as the IRS will never request that you send funds to them by either means.

If the nice requests by the Tax Scammer do not work, then the caller gets more aggressive and states that you will go to jail if you don’t pay today.  The part that makes this believable is that the scammers have figured out how to show the call as coming from the IRS on the caller ID.  What makes it even more believable is that after the call, if you refuse to pay, someone will call purporting to be from the local police department.  This caller ID will also show that the call is legit and shows the local police department as the caller!  It’s not, but they will threaten to come and put you in jail if you don’t pay the money to the IRS as requested by the first caller.  Of course, after this, you can expect a call from the fake “IRS Agent” again.

What You Can Do

Just so you know, it’s not easy for the IRS to summon the police.  There is a whole protocol that takes months or even years before the Criminal Investigation Division (CID) of the IRS shows up with guns and badges. No agent can call the police and just have them come over and arrest you for not paying your taxes.  If anyone calls with this kind of “power,” you know it’s a scam.

The IRS recommends that if you receive a call that seems unusual from the IRS, get the name and badge ID number (the scammers will use them – just like a real agent) and call the IRS at 800-829-1040 and see if the name and ID are legit.  If they used the tactics outlined above, I can guarantee that they are not legit.

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