This is a tough article to write.  For many it’s a tough pill to swallow!  From my perspective, it’s tough to embrace a “negative campaign” and to write about the negative aspects in the tax industry.  On the other hand, I see a lot of clients who’ve come in after giving a large check to a telemarketer who claims to fix tax problems.

To ease my mind I’m going to point you to the internet to research for yourself the negative impacts the 1-(800) number chains have had. The following names were three of the biggest players in the industry the last few years!

Recent Tax Scams:

JK Harris: The bottom line is that they were shut down and had an injunction filed to prevent them from further IRS dealings

Roni Deutch: She claims to have been the largest IRS resolution company in the nation. She appears to be facing jail time, but at a minimum she had to surrender her license to practice law or practice before the IRS.

TaxMasters, Patrick Cox, was sued by the department of justice for bad dealings with IRS resolution clients.  Assessed $195 million in fines!

They all had this in common; they took big checks from people with tax problems just like you and did little, if anything, for them.  The people didn’t get refunds either.  Don’t get telemarketricked.  Buy local from Advanced Tax Solutions, avoid tax scams & have peace of mind.  Contact us today.