If you want your peace back…

If you want to feel your life is back on track…

If you want this nightmare to actually END…

We make this as EASY and RISK FREE as possible.   You will sit down with a local professional who is skilled (and licensed) at fixing tax problems to discuss your situation for FREE.  Then see for yourself the types of solutions that are available!

If you would like to meet with a CPA to discuss your tax problem, for free, let us know and we’ll arrange it!

What Sets Advanced Tax Solutions Free Consultation Apart:

  • Free consultation with Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist
  • No cost or obligation
  • We are not a chain with a staff of sales people
  • Our consultation is not a sales pitch, but a real tax problems consultation
  • Offering of real solutions to your tax problems, including Offer In Compromise


Free Tax Problems Consultation Restrictions:

  • You must owe over $25,000 to the IRS or have 3+ years of unfiled tax returns

If you owe less than $25,000 we can still offer you a working meeting but you will have to pay for the time.  Our goal at that point will be to try to explain how to fix it yourself.    However, if you do decide you want to engage us to fix the problem for you, even though it’s a smaller problem (in the IRS’s eyes), we will waive the initial consultation fee…and it will be free to you as well.